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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bangla choti

I am going to tell the real events that are associated with Indian family
In Chennai. Must be those who are not repelled by the killer read this story. The
The characters in this story are:

Rekha, MOM â € "43, 5'6", 38DD breast, 46 hair ass "long, white skin.
Working in a private company.

Unmarried and honey always.

Amit â € "Son, 5'6" and 21-year-old with a nice cock "8 and always
Engineering experiments are finished. Find the job.
Murali â € "Rekha's nephew, brothers and son. 5'7" with a lot of imagination. 7 "cock.

There is a family in Chennai and I am going to tell you everything. The mother
Rekha and son is Amit. Living in an apartment in the locality in the heart of luxury
From Chennai. Rekha works in a private company and goes to her office from 9 am and
Back at 6 pm. Have a holiday on Saturday and Sunday. Her husband died of
Accident long back, leaving her with a son. Rekha has two sisters, Sadhna
And Sudha. Sudha is the smallest, and unmarried age of 35 so far. He is married to Sadhna
But Baal in the U.S. and Sadhna does not want to go there as
Air does not suit her. In the time it begins cases to be held in
Family, Amit was 14 years old and was in school. The head of her Sudha
Age was always Horney. I saw growth and nephew lusted after him.
But it was not so easy to seduce him in the family, and you know how Indian
Families. Sudha used to masturbate lust Amit. Wore a loose gown
With low cut statue just to show his good stuff and make his lust for her. She
Did not miss the opportunity to touch and fondle the child and even kisses him in
Motherly (?) Love.

Amit grow quickly and understand the intentions soon his aunt, but he was silent
Because of fear of his mother. His cock was grown with his age, and was now
Large proportions and 7 "in length. Accustomed to fondle him out of the
Curiosity and soon learned masturbation. Was demanding sex so powerful that
Used to masturbate 3-4 times a day in isolation from the bathroom or toilet.
And sometimes when he was alone in his room, in the habit of beating his meat
Look at his reflection in the mirror. Excited for him this much. Sudha
Was a huge motivation on the other hand, as I said previously.

It also fingered her choot often in isolation or sometimes used to include
Option in her vagina and doing household tasks. And long thick installed option
In the pit of her love making peak all the time. Amit was aware of this practice
From his aunt, and wondered why flushes her face from time to time. These things
Never and always kept secret day out which inhibitions
Then I lost and take a new turn. One day it was all of these Sudha and Amit alone in
The house was watching television and Sudha busy kitchen in some jobs. As
As usual, had been included and one 9 "option in her choot and wore trousers to keep
Fruit in place. If her and her usual low cut and she does not wear any bra. Amit
Was watching MTV and get run by kids who danced. Slowly his cock
I started to get hard and began caressing with his fingers over pants
Was wearing. His hard cock now stood 7 "full, making a tent on
Pants. Sudha watching this through the kitchen, and it was getting turned on.
I watched every movement of Amit and rubbed her choot panties. Rubbed it
Her thighs together to make a choice in her choot move a bit and tickle
Her vagina. Amit was aware of his aunt in the kitchen but did not see her
Rubbing her choot. Somehow turned Amit head to the kitchen and saw Sudha. It
Got the shock of his life!

Sudha was the leg during the loft kitchen and fucking her choot slowly with
Option. Until it has been absorbed in the happiness they do not see Amit
View. Emerged Amit eyes out and he watched silently aunt. Sudha
Fucking her choot and moaning in a low tone. And was breathing fast and she gasped
Where the fruit her G-spot. Amit looked at her face, unable to control the same lust
And began to hug his cock even faster. Thus each of the aunt and nephew
Masturbating. Break the silence when he heard screaming Sudha name and search
Directly in the face, "Oh! Amit! Your dick is fucking me. Oh! Look at this thing in
Well my choot. Oh damn! I want real cock of yours back! Come here and let me look
Rooster. Lund your! Oh you're dying to put my eyes on it. Come hear my
Son! Come near me, "Amit walked with him hard on still in his shorts to his aunt
I stood beside her looking at her choot closely. Sudha put her leg on
The loft and kitchen choot clearly visible with the option of sliding
Break the impasse slimy. The clitoris poking and sheath-like
Small cock. Sudha looked at Amit and Lund caught him in the pants. He gasped
At the touch of a finger his aunt on his cock and twitched with
Anticipation. Sudha his shorts lowered and then remove them off completely,
Exposing his blood engrossed Lund.

When you do this option fell from her choot hole and empty sin
According to the offer. Now Sudha took this thing in her hands and kept to her side
Sons Lund. "Oh Amit! See this thing! Slimy it with my honey well choot! WOW
Will lick honey from my well choot him while I suck your son Aziz Lund! Yes, I am
Want to Lund in my mouth, let me suck it and swallow it! O God, how you die
For the real thing. Oh! Ah! Come give me your Lund! "" Oh! Take my Aunt
Lund! I knew I was having my Lund and I was waiting for this for a long time. Come on
Sucking my Lund! Chewing it! Suck honey from it. Come on! See I lick your
Sweet honey of choice. Oh it's very sweet! Come give me your well choot!
Sucking your nephew, O God! I wish it was my mother sucking it. "O ye
Scoundrel! So you want your mother to soak your Lund. Yes have a nice big tits and
Ass big solid fats. I know they will love your absorption of Lund and get it in her
Holes. Yes, I want my other sister Sadhna to make you well. So that you
Nail became family. Oh you have such a Lund nice to your age! "Think
Silly to make his mother and Sadhna his cock harder and I also felt that Sudha. "So
You really want to fuck your mom, son? And your aunt too? I know you, O
Want your Lund is getting bigger in my mouth. Damn the face of my son! Came
To find his fat cock of yours in my mouth. "I was really excited now Amit and he
Lund orientation him deeper in the mouth aunt while he licked the option. Sudha
Swallowed Lund her nephew to the maximum degree and criticized his balls against her chin
Make smacking noises. This is the first time that absorbed his cock by
Woman and so he could not last long. Lund extended his hot come directly in
Feet throat of his aunt and her choking! She had to work her throat muscles
To swallow all that sticky down bowel. Swallowed hard and Sudha
Juice drink virgin Lund nephew and tickled his balls to the extent that
Can give more to come. Put all of them sprawled on the kitchen floor,
Exhausted with sating of lust. Recovered in five minutes, and I realized what
He had done. Kisses and Sudha Amit told him he was a nice boy. I asked
Him: "How was that Amit? Fucked woman? Do you know how to curse?
Come here and my little boy! Let your aunt be the first woman to teach you all this.
Let's go to the bedroom where we will be more comfortable and I'm going to
Show you a woman's body. "

Each went to the bedroom and Sudha ore, and throw her off her cloak
Body and then undressing her nephew as well. Amit looked at the body matured
Kept woman for the first time, and looking at her with appropriate interest. Called Sudha
So near, and showed him every part of her body, explaining the importance of
Them. "This is the breast, breast, titties, breast. They are sensitive
Members. Woman gets excited easily if pressed, kneaded them suck.
Small black things crowning them nipples. You tickle them and they have become
Hard. See I rub them and they are increasing! Comes to rub them for me Amit. "

Hold Amit her boobs and kneaded them with all his strength. Sudha made
Hot with passion and she started to moan, calling his name and telling him how
Wonderful feeling. Then rubbed Amit her nipples with his fingers and thumb and
Breathless Sudha in a sense. He went to Lund her hands and she Amit arrest.
Amit Lund growing again hard and Sudha felt growth with her fist. Then
I asked him to suck the nipples as if he was a child. Glued Amit mouth
On alternating nipples and suckled them. Cried aloud Sudha, "Oh baby!
Sucking my nipples! Oh chew their teeth. Oh! They are very sensitive!
Come suckle his son. Hey, you try to swallow my entire boob! Oh
God! "

At the same time she was rubbing Lund him with her fist, making it difficult to
For the second time. She wanted to fuck with Lund his virgin and was causing him
Ready for it. Sudha grabbed his head in her hands and pressed on his face
Soft breast, soothing for the child and make him feel safe. Was lying on her back then
With her legs spread to Amit. The cunt it quite clear to him and he stared
Hairy Bush with interest, understanding Sudha he did not see well choot
Naked and spread until it's Bush with her hand and showed him the slot of pink
her choot. "This is well choot woman Lund takes very difficult. Bigger
Lund and deeper and more rich and called these paintings along the meaty sides
Minora and they guard the pit of love and I'm going to show you. I look deployment
Paintings Loya here is a hole. Show a red hole. Wow my finger inside goes
Show! Hey this is my well choot hole and will put your Lund in this hole. Come on
I feel it with your hand. "

Amit put his hand on well choot and felt to be the cause. Insert it in his finger
Down the hole and at ease. My aunt asked him if this small hole can
Take great Lund. She said: "Yes Beta! This hole hole magic. See it taken
And a great option and can easily take your Lund also. You can pay 3-4
Fingers and see it can stretch and swallowed. "Amit joined three fingers and
Pushed in choot aunt. Inflation well choot and swallowed them in
Hole. Was hotter inside his cock twitched with the imagination that has
Lund was in the same hole. Withdrew his hand and got in a hurry and even
Lund put him in a hole well choot hot.

"Not so fast, my son. You have to learn more tricks to make a woman happy
To make your Lund slave. Come and see this cock like a bit small. This
clitty! Women can only come through the tickle. Let me rub here. Ouch!
No! Do not rub directly, hold it over the sheath and rub gently. Oh
That's it! It makes a woman coming! Now that hole Curly is an asshole. You know it
Used for defecation. Women can man in Lund put him in the asshole too. Women love
So. Sometimes women can take two Lunds, one in choot and one in Ghent. Woman
Like many Lunds. Like all of her holes filled by Lund hard like yours.
Now I want you to lick well my choot and reaped while you lick your Lund also reaped.
Come on let's 69 "and Sudha and Amit put in 69 position, with Amit and on top
Lund him buried in the mouth aunts. He sucked on well choot Sudha, and scans along
Dealt Search incision and even his tongue inside depth. He drank honey well choot
Given to him by his aunt, Sudha. Sudha not idle had swallowed
Amit Lund and tickle the underside with a snake like tongue, which makes
Jerk him and eat cunt more quickly.

"My aunt! Well your choot is very nice! Do Ya it's very sweet! Allow me now
Damn well your choot? I want to feel to be the cause of your well choot on my lund. My aunt! "
Amit went on top of his aunt with Lund has a very touching opening of
Well choot. Sudha teased him by catching the Lund him and rub the entire incision
So he begged for her to put on her hole. Put Sudha handle of Lund
Request a pit her and him to pay all his strength. I paid him Amit Lund
And went inside at ease. Was so slippery inside Lund has moved in
And without a lot of effort. "Oh Chodo Mujhe sale! Fuck me! Fuck my well choot you
Bastard! You mother fucker! Silly aunt with the children's parents. I want that.
Fuck me! O God, I wish my sisters were here to watch. OHHH I longed for this
Many years! OHHH back! My lover boy! Damn my chooottttttttttt! Hardddd! Fast
Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! "Amit fucked his aunt seriously and moved his ass
Up and down in an attempt to push Lund him to the bottom of the well choot. Want
To find out how deep was inside until he paid his cock deep in the folds
Aunt vagina. With cock fucking her choot hard, and pushed came Sudha
Extended her hips up to grab the most they could cock and cunt have a lot of juice
Lund during invasive. Make Amit fuck her even faster offered as well choot
Any resistance Lund him. Amit was new to this game and it came very fast for
And aunt to come again. The spray of his cock on the walls
Well choot, sating lust and cooling well choot. Cursed Sudha under
Breathing, "Oh my son, not so fast! OHHH I want to come several times on your Lund
Dear. Ok you are new to this game and allowed it but later you have
Damn me for an hour or more. OHHH cooling you my lust. Let's try to fuck me with
That you cock. "

Do not remove Amit Lund him well choot of Sudha but continued to fuck her
With the softening of Lund. And finally asked him to Sudha remove it and put it
Between her boobs 34C, so that they can make it difficult still with his smoothness
Breasts. Amit sitting on her stomach with his Lund was buried in the soft
The division of the breast his aunt and his aunt held together and breast
Rub them on softening cock. Amit contract breast Sudha with each of his
Massage hands them over to Lund him and pulled on her nipples. "Oh my son!
And will grow your Lund soon and you can fuck me again. But I want something in
Well my choot! Ohhhhh comes to take this option bloody and beaten until well my choot.
Soooo hungry! Come fuck me with this option. "

"My aunt! Damn you that this thing in your choot will watch I want to
Show you that damn great choice inside and outside the slot well your choot. I want you to
Take my lund in your hard asshole at the session. Come on give me a view! "And he
Handed option "9 to his aunt. Grabbed Sudha option with
Licked his hands and information technology. And I took the option in her mouth and sucked on it as if
It was Lund. Her mouth with inflation option she swallowed more than that. Amit
I saw sucking his aunt passed on this thing and waves through his lust
Body. He went to Sudha and kneaded her breast, and talk dirty to her. Shoved Sudha
Option began in her choot dripping and damn it, and spreading her legs
To her nephew. Show Amit fuck with his aunt that option in and out of her choot
And was getting excited. He said a lot of imagination and beginners knew
This would take two years and Lunds slut in her choot and asshole. "OHHH Sudha! You
Is real slut! Want that hard cock in your choot! Let's suck it
Thing while watching. Oh I'm dying to fuck my mom and Sadhna. Ohhhhh! Will
Damn it help them? I will make a well choot happy for this and bring up my
Cousin Damn you! Lunds will love 2 at the same time? Come on aunt
Me how much you love it. "

"Ohhhhh really! Lunds love you 2 at the same time. One in my choot one
In my ass Ohhhhhhh! You can bring his third son Lund my mouth? Ohhhhhhh idea
Makes me come, my dear! This is too much! Ohhhhhhh! Damn Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Damn it! OHHH
God I comingggggggggg! "Sudha came on the same option, it moisturize
With her choot juice and relay ridiculous thing in and out of her choot
While moaning loudly as she came. Amit Lund has grown again for the third time
And he longed to be paid so well choot instead of the option. He went to
Tried his aunt and directed her choot option but refused and Sudha
Said to him: "Let's shove this thing in my ass hole. Want your Lund there.
Let's spit on my ass hole and make it wet your Lund. OHHH God made you
Slut from me for the first time. Come on son! Shove your Lund in my
asssssssss! Ohhhhhhhh fuck me in the ass! "

Amit did exactly. Spat on the ass hole sluts, and made it slippery
With an empty stomach, and then put him in the slot handle curly and once is
He was! And saw his cock in her tight ass hole and he loves it. This hole
Was something different from the well choot he thought, and it was the best. It was also
Was inside the warm and spongy, too. Engaged in Sudha asshole Lund nephew and
She began to ass متلفف, fucking each option and Lund. And saw Amit
He asked to move inside the option well choot aunt and if he could fuck her with
Lund in her choot. This idea excited him a lot and it shatters
Poor ass hole of his aunt. Provided strong trends hit Sudha come many times and
Was in delirium, chanting his name all the time I arrived. Amit also sprayed
Put seeds deep in the bowels of his aunt on her back and panting
Struggling for breath. Each mode for some time and Sudha got up, looked
Amit with Lund him limp.

"Let my son! Must piss after next. Haya piss on my mouth! Want
Beautiful drink your piss. Let's piss on my mouth "and took his cock
In her mouth and rubbed piss hole on cock with her tongue. Waves
Passed through Amit sensations; body and began to piss. Yellow hot
Piss flew from Lund him in the mouth and waiting for Sudha. Drinking Sudha
Piss directly from Lund, and then asked him to stop. Hurried to it
Kitchen and brought a glass steel and collect his piss in the glass. "Amit, I
Want to give this piss your mother and Sadhna. Will drink this will
Become your slaves as well. I will make a cold drink piss them when they come
Home. Watch them drink it, and you will know what is pleasure. You will get
A difficult moment for his son! "Even the duo drinking pleasures of incest and Sudha
Both were identified Amit to involve Rekha and Sadhna in incest family. Amit
Sudha was test the joys of fucking incest and always horny
Fucking with each other. However, due to the presence of Sadhna and Rekha
Do not enjoy as much as they could. At night, Amit used to sneak into the room
Sudha, they just curse each other as Sadhna slept in one room. This
It was difficult for both of them to make any sound and they had to curse quietly.
And therefore were unable to enjoy the absurd and frustrating and always.

Believed Sudha and Amit there had to be a solution to this. But there was no
Solution to this other than to say Sadhna about their relationship. But this
Was dangerous and they can not take any risk. Left on the fate of the
Solution. One day they got a nice opportunity, both Sadhna and Rekha
Not at home. He went to renew Sadhna her passport and Rekha had gone
Function. It was not expected to be be Sadhna home to about 2 hours. How can we miss
This is a golden opportunity?

Caught Sudha and so as soon as they alone, Lund Amit in her hand and was
Massage. It does not require any special attention, as it was already difficult
The throbbing touch his aunt. Knelt Sudha by her nephew, and began
Hard to absorb Lund. Amit respond by pushing the Lund him inside and outside the country
Mouth and asks her to swallow everything. "Let's aunt! Swallow my lund! Suck it
To a small throat of yours. Ohhhhh! Suck it slut! Comes to absorb juice
From my dick. Let me shout OHHH today! Oh suck it! Let slut! "" Amit OHHH my
Son! Scream as much as you want. Call me any names! I Randy, Chinal Orr
chuddakar, and slave your, Lunds slave. See I am kneeling before
Lund sucking your. Very nice Ohhhhhhh. Fuck my mouth you mother fucker! Damn
It! Shove it innnnn! godddddd Oh! I'm here to Lund sucking my nephew! "

They sucked Lund him, put Sudha her finger in the ass hole and began to curse
So. Make him have a hard time and he hit him in the mouth and fucked him. His
Known ass hole contracted in the invasion of the finger and Sudha that he gave
Fun. Sudha pulled finger and licked it in front of him, "Ahhhhhh
Amit your agent is very tasty! Come give me your agent to lick. Spread for me
So I can lick it. Ohhhhh how I love to eat your earned my son! Lick my here
Gent also Amit! Lets eat out gands each other! Ohhhhh It's very weird! "All of
They lick each other's ass holes and enjoying it. Lund throbbed in Amit
And he was waiting for some hole to enter. This is known as Sudha and asked Amit
Proceeded to lay on his back and then to give him a tit massage. Hunched over his
Lund with her tits hanging out and slowly moved her body so that the body soft tit
Rubbed along Lund him. Amit was in heaven with his aunt
Rub soft melon Lund him and exciting for him. Then grabbed it her boobs
In the hands of all the children and her collar Lund twin inside the body. Spit it


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